Herbal Pharmacy based in St. Margaret’s

Botanical Pharmacy is a traditional herbal dispensary providing professional help which is bespoke to your needs. Our team of highly qualified herbalists will be on hand to give you a personal consultation in order to suit your needs.

Herbal Medicine – The oldest medicine on the planet.
We use Herbal prescriptions to address a huge range of conditions, such as: Digestive issues, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, mood and energy levels.

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Urban Goddess – Goddess in your Pocket


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Urban Goddess has created the perfect pocket-sized rescue roller scent.
Keep the power of the Goddess in your handbag and tap into your strength any time you need it. Dab it on your pulse points for energetic support or an uplifting boost. These very beautiful and precious essences harness the energy of all the main goddesses.
Access to the Goddess in the palm of your hand!


ROSE: Unconditional love, the heart, goddess energy, associated with mother Mary, Venus, Aphrodite, expression of love to others too.

YLANG YLANG: Love, sexuality, sensuality, calming, harmony (balance of male/female energies), for anger, low self esteem, self love, getting in touch with our own bodies.

GERANIUM: Mother energy, harmonising, nurturing, compassion, harmonising of female reproductive cycle and transitions.

SPIKENARD: Mary Magdalene association (anointed Jesus feet before last supper). For healing the heart, past trauma and also to acknowledge the divine within us all, supporting us when stepping forward onto our chosen path.

LINDEN BLOSSOM: mother tree, feminine, nurturing, opening Heart to love, great for meditating and connecting to goddess energy. Associated with mother Mary, Freya and Green Tara. Worshipped in Nordic and Slavic traditions.

WHITE LOTUS: The Lotus is often viewed as a symbol of awakening. It grows in muddy ponds of, at times stagnant water, but it blossoms daily with the pre-morning sun, it’s beauty rising above the dirty waters. Lotus is known for its ability to calm and soothe, an oil of kindness and forgiveness, associated with the Hindu goddess Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, music and learning.

All natural ingredients

99.5% certified organic

Non-genetically modified coconut and sunflower oil

From ethical and sustainable sources

One drop of just the rose oil used in the blend corresponds to 20 rose heads.

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