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Botanical Pharmacy is a traditional herbal dispensary providing professional help which is bespoke to your needs. Our team of highly qualified herbalists will be on hand to give you a personal consultation in order to suit your needs.

Herbal Medicine – The oldest medicine on the planet.
We use Herbal prescriptions to address a huge range of conditions, such as: Digestive issues, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, mood and energy levels.

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Winter Mix


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Winter mix formulated with this current winter in mind. Designed and prepared by Val Bullen and Rhian Jones after months of work to find a blend that wards off anything that comes in its way. It contains a mixture of herbal tinctures and a surup and is safe for those on medication and are starting to feel the effects of a winter cough, cold or flue. Tastes delicious and easy to take.

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