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Botanical Pharmacy is a traditional herbal dispensary providing professional help which is bespoke to your needs. Our team of highly qualified herbalists will be on hand to give you a personal consultation in order to suit your needs.

Herbal Medicine – The oldest medicine on the planet.
We use Herbal prescriptions to address a huge range of conditions, such as: Digestive issues, immune dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, mood and energy levels.

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Kaqun Drinking Water – High Oxygen Water


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KAQUN water is a unique development which is able to cease hypoxia, namely the state of a lack of oxygen in the body, without side effects, due to its high content of bound oxygen. The water is made by a proprietary electrochemical process, which offers scientifically proven oxygen absorption qualities for the body. The oxygen in Kaqun water penetrates the tissues, where it is immediately absorbed by the cells to reenergize mitochondrial respiration. This process occurs quickly, reducing mental and physical tiredness within a short period of time.

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