What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is plant medicine. Medicinal plants are taken externally or internally for their therapeutic values and medicinal effects. It is the oldest medicine on the planet. Every country on a global scale uses traditional herbal medicine, often as their primary healthcare system. Traditional knowledge base is vast, past on through word of mouth or in writings of old and current. With the arrival of the industrial age, increasing scientific research supports the beneficial use of herbal medicine. We use Herbal prescriptions to address a huge range of conditions, such as: Digestive issues, Immune dysfunction, Hormonal imbalances, Mood and Energy levels.

The main reason, due to personal surveys, as to why people prefer herbal medicine to conventional drugs is that it is natural, supports and strengthens the body and appears to have much less risks of side-effects. Herbal medicines are prescribed to bring the body back into some form of balance which is it naturally always striving to do. We use whole plant extracts as opposed to isolated constituents which reduces the side effects significantly.

How our herbs are made and prepared

Herbal medicine is a traditional medicine and under this classification medical Herbalists in the UK are allowed to produce their own herbal medicines. This gives us full control on the quality of herbal medicines produced and a thorough understanding of the plants and consequent medicine.

The herbal medicines prepared and prescribed can differ widely, depending on the client’s requirements. Below are some examples as to in which form herbal medicines are prescribed:

A Tincture:

This is a liquid extract of medicinal plants where a mixture of alcohol and water is used to extract active constituents.

A Tea or Tisane:

Dried whole plant parts (eg the whole leaf, whole flower, bud, bark, seed or root).

A Powder:

Dried then ground herbs to be mixed into yoghurt or a smoothie. Can be put into capsules as well.

Creams, Ointments, Liniments, Salves:

For external use we apply medicinal plants mixed with beeswax, base cream, aloe vera gel etc to work on the skin surface and be absorbed into the tissues as well.


Vegetable based glycerine is used to extract the medicinal properties. Very popular with children as it is sweet but does not contain sugars or sweeteners and is non-alcoholic