Rhian Jones

Rhian completed a BSc (HONS) in nutritional therapy at Westminster University and followed this with an MSc in Western Herbal Medicine. After several years in practice Rhian studied Naturopathy and advanced Iridology at The College of Naturopathic Medicine and collectively she uses all of these skills when she is in clinical practice.

Rhian also lectures on a variety of related health subjects but has a particular interest in obesity and female reproductive health. Rhian is a member of NiMH and ANP both professional bodies.


Janine Gerhardt

Janine qualified with a degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Westminster in 2008. She has been a full time practising herbalist ever since and offers thorough in-depth private consultations. During a consultation a full history is taken. This includes past and present history and medications, nutritional status and lifestyle, sleep, general well-being, including emotional and mental health, plus other associated factors. A herbal prescription, diet and life style choices plus supplements will be discussed and prepared, if appropriate.

Following on from a diploma in Ecology & Conservation, Janine’s passion lies in reconnecting people with nature. Herbwalks, talks and workshops are designed to be fun and educative whilst empowering people of all age groups and walks of life, nurturing self-worth, self-reliance, community care and that there is always something one can do. Be that through learning how to create simple home herbal remedies and/or glorious nutritious wild food, whatever time of year.


Clare Fysh

Clare is a registered nutritional therapy practitioner who uses the functional medicine model. She studied for 3 years for her advanced level 6 diploma in Nutritional therapy with The College of Naturopathic Medicine, London and also practises Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing.

Clare’s aim as a therapist is to enable you, the client, to heal yourself through an understanding of your body: physically, nutritionally and emotionally.


Brooke Hender

Brooke is a full-time Cognitive Hypnotherapist who specialises in self-esteem, which underpins all areas of our life. He has a wide range of experience and have helped people who have presented with many different issues. Amongst these are weight and eating problems, alcohol and drug issues, and relationship, including sexual, problems.

Brooke has helped people with phobias which had stopped them enjoying such things as travelling or dealing with spiders around the home. He works in a completely bespoke way – there is no right way, only what he believes works to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Brooke also helps people who are struggling to find clarity about their life, and supports people looking to make fundamental changes, such as job or career issues. He runs a monthly Self-Esteem group in Twickenham and provide resources through his regular blogs, videos and talks.

Ralph Mitchell DC

Ralph has been a GCC registered chiropractor for over 20 years and has been using the Koren Specific Technique (KST) approach since it’s launch in 2005. As well as practising from the Botanical Clinic in St Margaret’s, he lives and works in Claygate.

Chiropractic (KST)

Why might you visit a chiropractor?
• Helps to ease aches and pains from stress or injury or hunched/awkward posture
• People of all ages can benefit, whether you’re an athlete or usually stuck at a desk

What is unique about the KST approach to chiropractic?
• There’s no clicking, cracking or popping of joints
• It’s gentle, low force with no twisting or straining
• Treatment is done in the posture relevant to the issue (standing/sitting/walking/’driving’…)
• No need to undress, normal clothes are okay

How can chiropractic help me?
• Eases discomfort/pain
• Improves how your brain ‘sees’ your body
• Improves function and well being
• Can decrease the effects of stress
• Can improve emotional well being

Vesna Gregori, BABTAC/CIBTAC

Vesna is an experienced, highly qualified Beauty Therapist and Skin Specialist with 20+ years in beauty industry including 9 years as a salon owner and Lecturer and Assessor in Beauty Therapy.

As a Skin Care Specialist, Vesna can offer a range of anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments specifically tailored to your individual skin concerns and needs. These facial treatments can be utilised as an intensive skin rejuvenation, as a monthly maintenance or as the ultimate skin pick-me up prior to a special occasion for that healthier, plumper and more radiant skin.