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Abund Essence (drops) 30ml


Abund Essence – Allow yourself to be open to fully receive great riches on all levels, not just financial.

A powerful synergetic remedy of 8 Bush Flower Essences

Release sabotage and poverty consciousness

Receive the great riches of life with seven drops


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Adol Essence (Drops) – 30ml


Adol Essence – It enhances self-acceptance, social skills, harmony in relationships, maturity, emotional stability.

Address the major issues teenagers commonly experience

Release the rebellious ‘not fair’ attitude

Enhance self esteem and communication skills

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Calm and Clear Essence (Drops) – 30ml


Calm & Clear Essence

Find a stillness that will allow you to better manage your responsibilities with your life and relationships.
  • Wind down with the Calm & Clear essence
  • Release impatience and overcommitment
  • Relax so that you can have fun and enjoy inner peace
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Confid Essence (Drops) 30ml


Confid Essence Drops

Brings out the positive qualities of self-esteem helping you feel more confident and comfortable around others.

  • Be your true authentic self
  • Release guilt, shyness and low-self esteem
  • Resolve negative beliefs we may hold about ourselves
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Creative Essence (Drops) – 30ml


Creative Essence Drops

Inspires creative and emotional expression and give courage and clarity in public speaking and singing.

  • Find creative solutions in all of life’s pursuits
  • Release creative blocks
  • Open up to creative and emotional expression
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Dynamis Essence (Drops) – 30ml


Dynamis Essence Drops

Perfect for those who feel a loss of enthusiasm and drive and are emotionally off in their day-to-day activities.
  • Renews enthusiasm and joy for life
  • Restore loss of enthusiasm and drive
  • Centre and harmonise your vital forces
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Emergency Essence (Drops) – 30ml


Emergency Essence Drops                                                                                             

Calm emotional upsets and feelings of panic and anxiety

Release emotional distress

Comforting and reassuring to those in pain

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Meditation Essence (drops) – 30ml

Awaken your spirituality and intuition through meditation and access your Higher Self and inner guidance.
  • Psychic protection and aura healing
  • Release poor quality meditation
  • For deeper meditation
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Purifying Essence (Drops) – 30ml

Helps those feeling weighed down with emotional baggage flush their system.
  • When you need some help with letting go
  • Release emotional waste and baggage
  • Provides a sense of relief and spring cleaning
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Sexuality Essence (drops) 30ml

Helpful for releasing trauma associated with one’s sexuality or experiences.
  • Love your body, and be comfortable with your sexuality
  • Release pain and trauma from past sexual experiences
  • Renew passion and interest in relationships
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Transition Essence (drops) – 30ml

The perfect companion to transition through significant life changes and milestones.
  • Provides a sense of direction when at a crossroads
  • Release feeling stuck or directionless
  • Come to terms with and embrace the unknown in peace
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Woman Essence (drops) – 30ml

Harmonises any emotional imbalances and impurities during menstruation and menopause.
  • Feel good about yourself, your body, and beauty
  • Release weariness and inability to cope with change
  • Better cope with stressors and changes